Patient Services

IV Sedation

Dr. Bloom can administer on-site IV Sedation for your patients while you perform the dental procedures they need. His state-of-the-art technical equipment and experienced techniques allow patients who need Sedation to receive the care they deserve from the dentist they trust - you. Dr. Bloom understands dental fear, so if a patient is anxious, he may administer an oral sedative prior to IV Sedation. He will bring all sedation medications, emergency medications, emergency equipment, EKG, pulse oximeter, and a fully automated blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation monitoring system. For more information about Dr. Bloom’s IV Sedation services, please contact him.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Bloom can perform many oral surgeries, including but not limited to complete bony impaction extractions, full-mouth extractions, preprosthetic alveoplasty and tori removal.  Soon, he will offer implant placement. Dr. Bloom will bring all necessary equipment and his expertise to your office, so patients can undergo Oral Surgery in a familiar environment. For more information about Dr. Bloom’s Oral Surgery services, please see the Oral surgery photo gallery and contact him.

General Dentist Providing IV Sedation, Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Services